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Dominic "Dom" Santiago (OU)
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Character: Dominic “Dom” Santiago
Series/Fandom: Gears of War
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 34
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Dom would probably be what any Terran would call a Latino; he has a distinctly “Hispanic” lineage to his appearance. (This also applies to the sound of his voice.) This makes Dominic all dark colors: darkly tanned skin, black hair, and dark brown eyes. His hair is military-style close cropped, but he also has a neat goatee beard on his chin. He has a pair of small earrings in his ears though the dark color is hard to distinguish from his skin and a stylized tattoo of the name “Maria” on his right upper arm. He is surprisingly tall when he stands up straight (and not in the hunched over state he is used to during combat), well over six feet. He is also large and muscular thanks to his time as a Gear. The standard armor of COG military also adds on to his bulky size and gives him a uniquely awkward gait when suited up. (Although his armor isn’t entirely standard; he has a more silver-grey touch than the usual blue, wears off-white/brown-ish under-clothes rather than the usual black under-layer, and opts not to wear the helmet at all. The gait is because of the over-large boots and thigh straps for the various pieces of armor.) There will always be a rather large knife somewhere on him--whether it’s strapped to his chest with the armor on or hanging off his hip without the armor. It happens to be a special combat knife given to him when he passed commando training. Overall he has a very rough, rugged look to him but he’ll clean up nicely once he realizes he has the time to make the more thorough effort.

Personality: Despite first appearances, Dom is actually quite friendly and easy-going. This even plays into his constant wit and sarcasm, which is usually just teasing but can just as readily be harsh and unforgiving. It seems to be his way of dealing with two sets of wars and loosing his entire family to the second. He is a very emotional sort of character no matter what his mood on the outside; although he tends to hide his rougher moods and saves it for trashing Grubs in combat, sometimes the darker, usually-revolving-around-a-deep-seated-sadness moods can and do take over from time to time. But overall he is definitely happy to be alive and means well towards every living soul. Until you piss him off. Which is generally hard to do until you mess with his friends. Dom is a very loyal individual. He will defend anything and anyone he deems worthy till his death. He is practically attached to the hip to Marcus Fenix--his best friend and brother-in-arms. Being away from him (and therefore unable to protect him) will greatly sadden this Santiago.

Housing: Ast-Eksi

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