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Fuck! I hate biological warfare! It was bad enough listening to the possibly threat of it from the Indies back some odd fifteen years ago. The Locust... now they didn't fight like this shit. Too dumb.

Worst they got is a poison grenade. Nasty shit. Only kills if you don't get away quick enough from the effected area. Choke to death.

This? This is wrong. So God damned wrong! What the hell are we really dealing with here?

[heavy sigh]

Fucking war...

008 | Simile | Voice Post

...It's like having a Berserker running around: lotta chaos, but not really that hard to take wait out.

007 | Could Get Used to This | Voice Post

Despite everything that's happened recently, most people seem to be enjoying (or trying to) this holiday. At the very least many people are celebrating it with gift giving and I hear tale of a few grand feasts, too. Nice. A person could get used to this kind of holiday.

Urd-saha--thank you very much for the gift! That was a really nice surprise. You have one on the way. I wish I knew more people here to give to, but the few that I do you'll just have to make due with the small trinkets I could think of to send out.

Happy Holidays everyone. (Merry Christmas. Is that more appropriate? Well, have both!)

006 | Just Curious | Voice Post

[Screened to Faye]

So--you want to compare notes now?


I've seen a lot of explanations for this time of year--the festivities and all (Christmas)--so I get what it is, what's "supposed" to be done, and all that junk. I don't need anyone to explain it to me. I can read what's already there. I get that it's a holiday, and I'd be stupid not to know what a holiday is.

What I really want to know is if I'm getting this part right: is it originally supposed to be connected to a religious connotation? A simple yes or no will suffice. Unless you feel so inclined to give me a lesson on Earth religion--which... might or might not be interesting.

It seems to be implied, but no one's really put a lot of emphasize on that part in their explanations. Granted, I might have missed that one or something...

Just curious.

Not a Seran holiday. We haven't put an emphasize on religion in a long time. Reminds me of a sun myth or two though...

005 | Understanding | Voice Post

[Private | Mostly Unhackable]Collapse )

It's not polite to tell someone to "shut up."

On the other hand, it's not nice to fly around and damage buildings just for the sport of it either. Try a pillow, 'mano. It's just as comforting and it hurts less.

So what I guess I'm trying to say is: don't berate other's for things they can't control (and yeah, emotions can't always really be controlled, even by the strongest of us all); and at the same time don't go all insane and destroy everything around you. Revenge is great. Trust me. But in the end it won't bring anything, anyone back.

Focus that raw emotion on something else. There are much more productive things for it to be used upon.

004 | E-Holes | Voice Post

There--There's a person here who can make earthquakes happen. Earthquakes. At will!

--If you were from my world... you'd understand how I felt about that particular "natural" disaster.
Since it seems to be a pretty open free-for-all in the dormitory department right now--I'm just gonna park myself in Ast-Eksi and call it done. Considering it's unoccupied I doubt anyone'll mind. And I know at least one neighbor won't mind. I think.

Also, this might sound like a weird question but... is it just me or am I missing two hours? How many hours are in a day here?

002 | Place to Stay Out of the Cold

After such a nice welcoming committee--I think I'm pretty set in the general 'rules, regulations, normalities, and oddities' of this place. I mean as much as one can be in one day after arriving in a new place. I'll just figure the rest out on my own.

But I have one last question for now: Uh, where do I stay? Any suggestions? ...Anyone want a new roommate?
[it's hard to tell whether he's just talking to himself or is actually aware that he turned on the communicator device and is purposefully allowing himself to be recorded]

Oh, man! I thought I was finally done with war. Now I’ve gone and been conscripted for another one? How did that happen?

You know what, asswipes, I’m not fighting in your little war. No way. I’ve had enough of this shit! This makes three too many for me, man. I’m just gonna sit this one out. I’ve lost too much as it is.

[sigh] And Marcus ain’t even here. Two strikes against this little fiasco. What? You think I like following orders from people I don’t know? Only followed the ones I got ‘cause they came from him. And most of the time--all of the time--neither of us liked any of those!

Jesu! I am so not doing this!